Basic Excel

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About Course

In this course, we learn the basics of Microsoft Excel.

If you want to enrol for the Advanced Excel Course but have not worked on Excel before, then it is suggested that you complete this Basic Excel course to understand advanced level functions & formulas better.

This course will help you understand the user interface of Microsoft Excel and get started with its fundamentals.

After completing this course, you can confidently use Microsoft Excel for your day-to-day database management.

If you want to learn more than what is covered here then you can enrol in the Advanced Excel Course where you get FREE access to all the contents of this course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding Microsoft Excel user interface and how to create a new workbook
  • How to enter text and numbers to create our data
  • How to use formulas & functions
  • What are relative and absolute cell referencing
  • How the Autofill feature helps us to save our time
  • How to format text to make the database look awesome
  • How to format numbers to make them easy to understand
  • How to format dates or times
  • How to manage columns
  • How to manage rows
  • How freeze panes help us to read headers of large datasets
  • How to apply borders and background fill colour
  • How to create charts to visualize our data
  • How to add more details to the charts
  • How to print workbooks

Course Content

Getting started with Microsoft Excel

  • Understanding Microsoft Excel User Interface And How To Create A New Workbook
  • How To Enter Text And Numbers To Create Our Data
  • How To Use Formulas And Functions
  • What Is Relative And Absolute Cell Referencing
  • How The Autofill Feature Helps Us To Save Our Time
  • How To Format Text To Make The Database Look Awesome
  • How To Format Numbers To Make Them Easy To Understand
  • How To Format Dates Or Times
  • How To Manage Columns
  • How To Manage Rows
  • How Freeze Panes Helps Us To Read Headers Of Large Datasets
  • How To Apply Borders And Background Fill Color
  • How To Create Charts To Visualize Our Data
  • How To Add More Details To The Charts
  • How To Print Workbooks
  • Next Steps